“The real impact is not in creating a billion dollar company, but in changing the way millions think and learn” -- Byju Raveendran

Teaching is one of the most creative and powerful jobs. Teachers have a significant and lifelong impact on children that extends far beyond a classroom – from shaping their mindset to giving them the launchpad for their thoughts and imaginations.

Education in India has witnessed a paradigm shift with technological innovations in this space. Learning enabled by technology has made it more engaging, effective and personalized. Today, teachers have varied tools and technology to make learning more interesting and impactful for students thereby adding a whole new dimension in the way teaching and learning takes place.

Today, teachers can redefine the way children learn by combining technology and life skills. They can create a huge impact and reach out to millions of children across the globe. At BYJU’S, we are on the lookout for passionate, new-age and enthusiastic teachers. So, if you believe that innovative teaching can create better and personalized learning experiences for children, then start here!

Why Join BYJU’S?

  1. India’s largest Ed-tech company and the creator of the largest K12 learning app in the country.
  2. Join & be a part of India’s most talented, youngest and loved ‘Rockstar’ teachers.
  3. With over 8 million students on our platform and over 100 million lessons watched, create an everlasting impact on the way millions learn.
  4. And also, because you know that your work will not, just pay way over industry standards; but also give you a chance to create a massive impact and DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING.

Registration Instructions

We are on the lookout for young, passionate teachers for our next set of educational videos. So if you have a love for teaching and a flair to act, fill up the form below along with a quick 4 minute concept video explaining a topic of your choice and subject. We will get back to you shortly.

Join us to instill love for learning in children!

Send us a video!

  1. Choose your favourite topic/concept/chapter from Math, Science, English or Commerce.
  2. Imagine you are explaining it to a bunch of children in a classroom.
  3. Record a 4 Min video of your teaching with a smartphone (No selfie video, please)

Remember to face the camera, be confident, act natural, be creative and most of all have fun!

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About Us

BYJU'S began with a vision to provide students with high quality interactive educational content. The creator of India’s largest K-12 learning app – our aim is to create and deliver world class learning experiences for students across grades. Offering highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning programs, BYJU’S makes learning contextual and visual.

Launched in 2015, BYJU’S has become the most loved and preferred education app for students across age groups.Today, BYJU’s has over 8 million downloads, 4 lakh annual paid subscriptions and sees addition of 30,000 students every month. With an average time of 40 minutes being spent by a student on the app every day from 1700+ cities, the BYJU’s app is making learning enjoyable and effective.

Come join us in the journey of making children fall in love with learning!

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Sachit Gowda, 6th Standard
The video lessons on BYJU’S app are my favorite. It has helped me a lot to understand hard topics in an easy way. The teachers are also very helpful and has taught me interesting shortcut tricks to crack maths problems.  This app makes me want to study more.
Samhita , 10th Standard
The Learning App is very interesting and helps us grasp concepts super-fast. The engaging video lessons from the rockstar teachers have definitely helped me get better marks and understand intricate concepts in an easy way. BYJUs learning is truly a great experience.
Aman Mishra, 11th Standard
BYJU’S has helped me learn in a  fun and interesting way. I love the teachers and mentors and the quality of content is very good. Thanks BYJU’S.
Tanishtha , 7th Standard
The teachers at BYJU’S has helped me clear all my doubts. The videos on the learning app explains the concepts so well that understanding any concept is pretty easy.

Making millions fall in love with learning